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Granular Food Dispenseur Installed Under a Cupboard

The DAG (Food Dispenser Granule) is insert in a slide mounted under the cabinet. Simply fill it with your favorite foods (cereal, rice, nuts, candy, etc ..) and is ready to be used. Push the dispenser door with a plate a bowl or a cup to fill and removed for stopped filling.

Very easy to use, hygienic, s' installed in a place that keeps your desk free and frees up your wardrobe boxes and or food bag, al front window reveals the kind and amount of food contained in the DAG .

The DAG can be easily used by young children, practical for people with limited motor skills and very useful in a cafeteria or any other place like dirty washing soap for the laundry or the garage for defects.

Dany Goulet

Canadian patent Yes
American patent Yes
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