Regular Procedure to Obtain a Provisional Patent

To begin this process, you must obtain your file opening kit by clicking on the link for this purpose at the bottom of this page. This kit, free and without obligation on your part, includes our "Confidential Disclosure Form" accompanied by a strict confidentiality agreement signed by Daniel Paquette, President of Inventarium

Step 1. Preliminary Analysis

The preliminary analysis is a preparatory step in the process leading to the granting of intellectual property for your invention. Based on the information in your Confidential Disclosure Form, our analyst will perform the following four mandates:

$180 + taxes (file opening fees included)

Step 2. International Prior Art Search

The international prior art search is the most important step of the process towards obtaining a patent for your invention. This search is necessary to confirm whether your invention is truly new globally, or already exists in the patents database. Our search agent will write a search report including a list and analysis of patents deemed relevant to your invention.

$1280 + taxes

Step 3. Filing a Provisional Patent

The provisional patent grants to its holder a priority date valid for 12 months in 150 industrialized countries during which time you can file for an official patent. With a provisional patent in hand you can reveal your invention, sell it, develop it or find partners or potential investors.

$1480 + taxes

For a complete description of each step please read our « Practical Guide for inventors ».

Your kit for the regular process will be sent to you today via email

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The cost of our Canada / US package for the preparation and filing of a formal patent is currently between $ 5.500 and $ 8.500. However, if your goal is to sell your invention to a company in return for royalties, the provisional patent may be enough to achieve your objective.