Tribute to our inventors

Mechanism for driving the boys to shoot straight down the toilet.

So I was in "observation" of everything around me and therefore "open" to what could have the potential to take me somewhere. The course was approaching very fast and I had nothing to work on. For lack of a better idea, I decided to go with a translation into French of a certain product that the professor wrote already selling online. He though it was a good idea, it doesn’t take anything away from him, quite the contrary, and it gave me a tool with which to learn. I should add that this is a lady of a Canadian maritime province I went on this course, and we wanted to develop a product together. During a break once during the famous course the professor was telling us his adventures during his business trips abroad. We all had a lot of fun, until he says a phrase that turns me seriously on a small detail he had seen in a public restrooms. It is as if a light went on in my head and giving a nudge to the lady who accompanied me, I said: "that's it! “ She said: "What that?” I say, "that's it, that's what we will do ... a target for small boys, they learn to urinate in the toilet". While she slept at night, the images in my head and I drew. I saw these two little flies wearing a fisherman hat and fireman, a target that would motivate the boys to leave their eternal diapers to last "point to the right place!" On one stone: first, more exorbitant costs for diapers that not only does not make them independent children, but greatly pollute the environment; and second, much cleaner toilets by boys (and perhaps adults too!) is alignment at the right place! Since this course in the United States where I found the principle of the invention I wanted to do as well as its name, I walked several paths I had never traveled. On my return from this course, working on the project, I quickly realize that the lady with whom I was supposed to work with will not work, unfortunately I had to take a difficult decision to continue on my own, which would make everything more difficult financially. Today I have a finished product, molded high quality plastic that works very well, named Dick'n'Peter Straight Shooters, in beautiful packaging translated French / English / Spanish, with a Canadian patent, US and international, with a trademark in Canada and the US, my own company called Mom's Rescue Team Inc. (Team Mom's Relief Inc.), a website, a video, a cleanliness certificate available in three languages mentioned above, the prototype of a pretty display, and other related products that are in development. I will approach different companies to introduce my new product. For a former police officer RCMP at home mom of five who knew nothing of business and product development, it's not so bad! I absolutely have to express my gratitude to all those competent people who have been on my way, Mr. Daniel Paquette of Inventarium, industrial designer, the designer, the designer at the China, and other... I conclude by emphasizing on from the idea stage to the sale requires a tremendous amount of determination and vision. Now I understand deeply that those who succeed have deserved the fruits of their efforts!