Tribute to our inventors

The decorative brick which cut the exacto

It all started during a period when he had to work regularly in the old sector of Montreal. He often had to climb the walls of old bricks, but this material was so scarce, as most of those available at a demolition are sold in advance. It was because of a serious shortage of raw material that Marcel had the idea of inventing a brick that perfectly meet its own criteria. And what were the criteria to achieve with is brick recipe? It had to be as light as possible for easy transport, have the appearance of true bricks, be environmentally friendly, leaving no waste during its manufacture, be non-flammable and finally but not least, cut with an exacto. Well, after several years of trial, error, testing ... everything you just read was found in his brick. His first action was to protect his famous recipe, he came to Inventarium to file his Canadian and American Patents. But Marcel what at the right place at the right time because, one month later he was with Inventorium's inventors Pavilion of the National Home Show. It was an instant success and it has not stopped since. During the 10 days of exhibitions, he had numerous reports in newspapers, magazines of all kinds. In no time, he had to rent a larger building in Repentigny location for his own manufacture. Today the company SIMAX (Simon and Maxime and his 2 sons) has 5 employees and is brick is available in some big chain stores like Ro-Na, Reno-Depot and Home Depot recently. Its challenge now is to meet the demand.