Tribute to our inventors

The Fruit-O-Gume Game

While junk food is everywhere and that childhood obesity has become a global problem, it can be said that her game is timely. Moreover, health is Virginia’s most concern subject whom has just begun her externship in medicine in Quebec. His game consists of a magnetic card, to stick on the fridge with magnetic cards that are drawn thirty different fruits and vegetables and other seven with the names of days of the week. Every day, the child must go put a little card on the table each time he eats a fruit or vegetable. The goal is that it takes the habit of eating five daily servings. A market study by Inventorium demonstrated a real potential for this product, especially in daycare centers and with families in general. Nothing comparable has been identified on the market. The manufacture of the finished product is now done, but because of time constraints, she would like to find a distributor interested in marketing her game on a large scale. This is what we are hoping for her as soon as possible, because junk food continues to gain ground.