Tribute to our inventors

Tool for cleaning automobile headlights

Some ideas came later but after some research, it turned out that they had already been invented. But in 2009, the idea of an accessory for easy cleaning of automobile headlights has emerged. This time it was the right one, Lyne did not hesitate to engage in protection approaches, development and commercialization of her invention. After a period of deep reflection on the ideal structure of its product, she proceeded to the manufacture of a prototype craft. Today, thanks to this great idea, no more wet gloves and risky stops on the side of the road to clean the headlights with snow. Her accessory, whose trademark is LPW10. In addition to be able to see or being seen by other automobiles. Note that the product is completely environmentally friendly. Sales are going well and superstores show obvious interest. The LPW10. Can serve various purposes like cleaning tire rims, auto mirrors, etc.