Tribute to our inventors


But from the idea to the finished product it can sometimes take a long time. So it was not until three years later that Rhonda has found the time to take care of her idea. From that moment, everything was rushed. She first proceeded to file her official patent in Canada, United States and Europe. She then proceed to making the final prototype. The first production of 5,000 units arrived from China in February 2010 and the success was not long coming. Will performing a market test, over 400 weeders were sold by the Canadian Tire store in Greenfield Park. Following this obvious success which confirmed the demand for her product, thirty Canadian Tire stores have followed. In five months, over 8,000 people have purchased accessory that not only pulls weeds, but also recycles the earth, remade borders, rake and picks, hoes and levels. A true marvel. In 2001, her product were found in all Canadian Tire in Canada and recently, a major US telemarketing firm has manifested suggesting astronomical sales in the coming months. To mention, Rhonda has just released the long-handled model that is already in stores in Canada and also in Europe. In addition to participating in the National Horticultural Exhibition of St-Hyacinthe at the latest news.