Tribute to our inventors

Template for making culverts

When building small bridges over trenches, culverts are used to not impede the flow of water. Pieces of wood are required for manufacturing culverts that are shaped similarly to the barrels. What is difficult to achieve is the cutting angle will give the appropriate diameter. Its size fits all sawmills models flat and used to hold the planks in place to give the right angle and return them. Its size also allows 100% of the work on site. Its size may also facilitate the manufacture of various products such as silos, pools or formwork for concrete. Some companies have already expressed interest as a distributor of the product on a large scale. The city of Saguenay has recently manifested the desire to make real situation in tests with this tool that could allow them to save substantial amounts on manufacturing culverts. Mr. Sheehy is currently in the production stage.