Tribute to our inventors

The game « Fishing Party»

The purpose of the game is to catch enough fish to win the fishing or the tournament. The idea came to him there about 6 years while looking for a game about fishing in stores and online. Some games existed but did not meet his aspirations. He then decided to create one that perfectly meet its criteria: simple, easy to learn, fun and educational. He first started with dice and tables to a year later, he added a perforated box to receive the ball. After many attempts, he managed to build the prototype that perfectly meet his needs and which finally allowed him to conduct live testing. Samuel is thorough and structured and follows his development plan as a soldier that is in combat mission and leave nothing to chance. He recently returned from Afghanistan and is currently studing of the materials he needs to reduce the manufacturing cost, which certainly require a mold. He needs to make the purchase drawings to illustrate the boxes and the packaging. He intends to register a trademark as soon as possible and the incorporation of his company because Samuel does not want to settle to making his game only, he also wants to create his own publishing house and market a range of games on different topics of interest. As he says himself, he goes at his own pace and he has a lot to do as well as learning. And yes, Samuel is a great fisherman but not a pro.He wishes to become one with his game that will help him to get there. He read quite a bit and know a lot about fishing, but still wants to confirm his paintings by professional fishermen before proceeding with the commercialization of her game. Within two years, he plans to start participating assiduously at fishing tournaments bass, which is his favorite fish because of the fight that they give. And as a good sport angler friendly aquatic life, he always returns his catch to the water. My dear Samuel, takes all your time that you need, but get it out as soon as possible so we can finally play.