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Double action rake

With her broom conventional plastic sheets, she had great difficulty getting up bags of chips, glasses, cigarette packs, etc. Wanting to go further to reach them because of the base of the branches, the teeth of his broom plastic sheets bent or just broke. That's when the idea came to him with a double-action brush. So she went to buy two existing leaf brooms to make its prototype. It set the brushes one below the other, and the first try, it worked perfectly. His new broom dual action leaves is designed to be transformed, through a removable handle attached to the handle, which then allows to make out that the central teeth of the brush. It has as main advantage to achieve much more easily confined spaces such as bases hedges, bushes, shrubs or other difficult to access and where surplus leaves and seasonal debris accumulate. So this revolutionary leaf rake may take advantage of a potential market and reach a wide international market rather quickly. Manon is currently looking for partners, investors or companies interested in marketing her invention.