Tribute to our inventors

Hitched grooming device for winter trails

Both inventors have noticed that the different groomers that already exist on the market all have weaknesses such as: inability to function in curved paths and in woodlands without avoiding contact with trees and thus damage, no system tilt groomer to maintain a horizontal path on the direction of the width of it, no surfacer can retreat without making an important demarcation on the trail or without raising the entire surfacer and make marks with the wheels. It is taking into account three important basic criteria Luc and Pascal have designed their groomer. This magnificent invention allows for surfacing ATV or snowmobile trails, narrow and winding in the woods, without damaging the trees. It helps maintain the straight paths (horizontal) especially in curves. Designed to back down while keeping the groomer and so keep the uniform path (without dividing). It can be pulled by a snowcat or modified farm tractor crawler. It includes 3 pins included in the 3 dimensional axes (height / width / length) and a tapered chassis. The first pivot, controlled by two hydraulic cylinders connected in Crusaders, is to make the articulated frame, in addition to being tapered, to meander between the trees without touching them. The axis of this pivot is at the height direction. The race can be up to 60 degrees on each side. 2. The pivot is to tip the groomer to the left or right. The axis is the longitudinal direction in the center. The race can go up to 5 degrees on each side. 3. The pivot is to allow the water of the compactor plate to help create a path as uniform as possible keeping the horizontal plate no matter the desired height of the knives and knives levelers located under the central frame. This pivot is offset toward the front of approximately 5% compared to its center of gravity (in the width direction of the groomer) to afford to have more pressure to the front of the tray (created by the weight of Zamboni) and allows a transfer weight back when the groomer is raised by a hydraulic cylinder for transport mode. The plate has a radius which observes in the front portion for receiving the snow prepared by the leveling blades which are parallel thereto on the width direction. This same plateau within the rear side to allow backwards without raising resurfacing and without leaving marks on the trail. This pivot is attached by steel tubes to a frame made mainly of steel tubes. The lower portion of the tray is provided with adjustable guides to prevent the plate from slipping sideways when the relief path is inclined. The groomer may be attached to the towing vehicle by a rigid pole or a pipe system articulated hydraulic cylinder. Their company works with Luc in the design and marketing while Pascal is responsible for the design and manufacture of the surfacer through the Concept-pro welding shop he owns it. Both have large luggage both in welding, machining, metallurgy as well as driving heavy farm equipment. Their models dispute groomers are available across Canada and the United States. One can only tip our hat to well above the two inventors-entrepreneurs.