Tribute to our inventors

Mechanism for sealing garage door

So that's what led Jacques to become interested in this problem and to find there a logical solution. A system that allows a completely hermetic closure of the doors. His ingenious mechanism it took months to develop its own garage, allows the door to slide down into the mechanism, but is pushed in the manner of a minivan door rubbers to ensure against tightness. Before moving to the stage of marketing, Mr. Lussier has arranged for endurance tests with a computer program to control the motor. The mechanism has performed 33,000 openings and closings, without visible wear or malfunction. Jacques Lussier leaves nothing to chance. It has conduct a market study by Inventorium and patented his invention in Canada, United States and Europe. He is also on his way to obtain Energy Star Certification, because there is no energy efficient product in this market and there are 70 million residential garages in North America only. Mr. Lussier has just started his company named Grasshopper Inc. in reference to the appearance of its mechanism.