Tribute to our inventors

Cutting guide for spinning, circular saw and jigsaw

Craft Welder Operator and father of a cute little girl, Fernand is a tinkerer. He does is for himself and not for the purpose of marketing, or manufacturing, an accessory that perfectly meet his needs. A cutting guide for top, circular saw and jigsaw provided with a positioner blades which avoids the calculation of the distance from the edge of the saw to the blade. One day a friend came to him and seeing his invention, said, "You have to sort this engineering object out of your basement, all yourselves will want to get one.”These words were the trigger for a chain of events that led him to start his own business with partners and to dedicate his life to invent new products. An obvious talent sleeping in him and who had remained hitherto untapped. In 2000, he participated in our inventions lounge where he presented his cutting guide and writing desk easel that he had just invented. The success achieved and the reaction of visitors was instant to convince him to spend the rest of his days inventing. This is also thereafter that he created the company Innov-Solutions with his associates. Fernand also explains that, throughout the exhibition, visitors showed another need, that of a bevel to facilitate reading in dark places. Being attentive to the people, like any good inventor worthy of the name should be, he invented the hand corner now marketed under the brand "Right-Angle Innov-V." Many other inventions followed. When we say that independent inventors can be an important source of job creation, we cannot help thinking of Fernand Roy.