Tribute to our inventors

Electromagnetic generator

In one of his favorite movies entitled intra terrestrial for fear of a world war, the main actor is manufactured an underground shelter and remain there for 35 years. To light, it produces a generator. And why not, says Stéphane, why such a machine could it really exist? His decision was made: it is he who will create it. But he has no knowledge of electricity. He decided to solve this problem by going to the library to pick them all he can find books on the basic principles of electricity. Thus he learns to read electrical schematics. At that time, for a living, he became a truck driver. Nothing to do with his dream of an electromagnetic generator, but we must eat well. His salary is modest and must be content to buy the components of the machine one by one. Must say that Stéphane is now the father of four boys. His workshop, laboratory or if you prefer, is located in the lobby of the apartment building where he lives. Its owner is impressed by his determination to get his way and shown tolerance towards her. A first prototype is eventually built, but the results are disappointing. Not completely, however, as his principle works, except it does not retain the energy produced. Stéphane realizes that he lacks an energy accumulator. And this is by using parts from his car radio that will remedy this problem. This time, it works, and well. One evening he was busy improving the performance of its generator, a man comes to visit the owner of the building. Intrigued by the presence of Stéphane under the stairs, the individual learns about the subject of his work. Stéphane gave him a demonstration of its generating and was stunned. Luc Brault, the man in question, Kuujjuaq live in the far north where use of diesel generators in the mines. He therefore asked Stephane if he can make him. But Stéphane does not have the $ 3,800 needed to purchase the components for its manufacture. The individual would ask him to wait and left the building to return 20 minutes later with $ 3,800 in hand. Thirty days later, the generator is sent to Kuujjuaq by boat. Meanwhile, Stéphane contact Inventorium to protect his invention with a provisional patent. His second client, paraplegic this one and Saint-Hubert in the suburbs of Montreal, used a gasoline generator. But it was too noisy and the neighbors forced him to get rid of. It now uses the generator Stéphane and is extremely satisfied. And its neighbors also... Realizing the importance of his discovery as his lack of education, he understands that to start production on a larger scale, he needs partners. So he approached Sylvain Chartier, his brother and a friend, Yanick McBeth. They believe in the project to give up their jobs and embark in the adventure. For a year, they will work in a small garage, until the product is fully developed. Today, they are installed in a building of 4,000 square feet, the product is CSA certified and production is about to begin. The target market: the sailboats and armored trucks transporting money, many domestic instruments operate on 110 volts. They have also been approached by the Canadian military, but for certain reasons that remain secret for now. When I said that Stéphane Mercier was a self-taught man!