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Lever system for snow blower

The purpose of this invention is to lift the snowblower from the ground a height of 0-6 inches. This allows to leave snow on the ground in order to avoid picking up gravel with the snowblower. This accessory is also to prevent damaging the pavement as long as there is hardened snow on the ground. Although their first prototype can be considered a success, he still had some shortcomings. The rolls that served as support point and also allowed to harden snow caused problems when the snow was wet. The manufacturing price as well, which exceeded $ 3,000, holding back their impulses. But the Dupont brothers were convinced there was a way to make this simpler accessory, more efficient and less expensive. They continued their cogitations until Steeve had the idea of replacing the rollers by wheels with rubber tires. After some other minor changes, is the device which is not only more efficient but its price was reduced to the point that it is currently for sale at $ 1,500, including installation. The Dupont brothers are now thinking about whether they will market their own invention, or sell a license for exploitation rights to a company active in the field. They prefer, however, to be cautious in their approach and wait for the results of the study of their patent applications in Canada and the United States.