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Adding spring wiper arm vehicles

To get there as often as possible he needed to rush to the ski center early in the morning to enjoy before the groomer has typed snow or other skiers have crossed the slopes. But to get there he had to take the road either during the storm or before the floor is cleaned properly. In such conditions, the wipers were used to their maximum, not considering the liquid washer. Sometimes occasionally, in his eagerness to leave, to run out of windshield washer, and being forced to stop by the roadside to use snow to clean the windshield properly and to continue his journey. Quite often there was wind and blowing snow. When he found himself facing the wind, he saw his wipers hop on the windshield and leaving traces in the unpleasant sight. Then he realized that the wipers would need more pressure to do a more effective job. Let him now tell us how he came to invent the perfect accessory and the huge success of its marketing that followed. The solution I decided to look more closely to see how I could add their pressure with a spring that I could add to the wiper arm. At first I made a simple prototype with a clothes hanger easier to work with than the spring steel to see how it would behave. Much to my surprise the next trip to see an improvement in the windshield cleaning. But how much pressure that added to the wiper? That was the question. So I resolved to find a hanging scale (scale fishermen) who, lifting the wiper of the windshield in the center, give me the answer. Given the impossibility to find such a balance suspended in this weight range, I can bring myself to make one. It was then that I realized that my famous garment hanger are added that 100 grams. You had better. So I made other prototypes from old springs that I had accumulated over the years. With much patience and several springs of different strengths prototypes I got to determine that 400 grams gave a great result. It was 1987. I was then a property manager. The question springs had remained at this stage and added to my list of over 100 potential inventions and prototypes springs added to my vehicle. Some failures and not failures in the past had made me more remote to the invention. Windscreen for a handful of ski stick. I had previously invented and obtained a first patent on a Windshield for handle of ski stick that had proved too expensive to develop for my means and almost impossible to implement given the geographical dispersion of market skiers are a market only 10% of the population. I cast polyurethane house prototypes from simple molds that I had made for $ 2,000. However, this invention has been copied by the Canadian Ski Team after I had delivered prototypes for skier tries to the team. The copy was becoming more of a hand guard to hit the slalom gates during competitions. Today all competitions teams use this hand guard on the sticks for slalom competitions as can be seen at the Olympic Games. The other teams complained that the Canadian team had a marked advantage that discriminated against. However, my invention was then metallized by its interior reflecting the additional merit of cutting 80% of heat loss of the hand on the Alpine ski stick in raids. It's like skiing with hands in a coffee thermos. Freezing in the spring, I was skiing only my shorts, but also bare hand, what freedom! A garage door as a fridge door. Also, I had developed in 79 out of my regular working hours to a wooden garage door manufacturer a new insulated metal garage door with polyurethane and without thermal bridges, which also closes the opening of tightly infiltration with double weather stripping between each panel. This new product was to save the bankrupt company because it was somewhat moribund. Though the product was a success, the company has been bankrupt for reasons of mismanagement but reopened under another name. For me it was just a waste of time and energy now while I had to become shareholders in compensation rather than the inventor, which was not the case. However, this concept door with the relaunch of the energy savings in those years, was taken over by its competitors and that kind of garage doors are found today on most residential houses. The invention is a long way... In the early 90s, when I found myself without a job due to layoffs, I took the pilgrim's staff at the insistence of my wife who found the ideas of interesting inventions. Not without my protests, so we exited my list of 100 ideas for inventions. Then we selected the five best ideas for a visit to the patent office in Hull to examine whether there was a potential patentability. What was our surprise to see that 5 had this potential patentability? A choice We analyzed these 5 ideas based on the following questions: Is manufactural? What is the investment required? Who would be the potential market? What retail prices can be estimated? What would be the distribution network? Following this discussion, and their assigning points from 1 to 10 for each question and then multiplying them, we opted for the spring wiper which gave us the best score as all the cars had the same problem wiping the windscreen as measured I had done with my balance suspended on all vehicles without exception including a Ferrari (and here we must laugh because it was one of the worst, Amazing!). Must believe that Ferrari is better run in the dry and without insects in the windshield. Starting The patent application was filed, refined prototypes with a small specialized folding tool that I had paid $ 200 in a spring manufacturer, manufacturing drawings or specifications supplemented with established and clearances and obtaining the patent, my joint and I founded the company Koch Innovations Inc. in September 1993. Then, we organized the spring manufacturing subcontracting, it’s plating to obtain a black finish for arranging the wiper arm, packaging prototype with its mode of installation that I repeated 50 times or more with comic texts and photos with the Paint program (here we thought that my drawings were made with a CAD CAM). Finally it was the beginning of the sale of the product. Marketing Initially, the sale was at dealerships Car and parts stores automaker. Subsequently, knowing success with these, we introduced the product to the buyer of the wiper range at Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) in Toronto in October 93. Our application is accepted, a first control was promised in the coming weeks for delivery in the next 2 months, the time to produce the required quantities and design a more professional package with color code. At that time it was a short product line consists of 3 models to fit 80% of vehicles with a selection table to match the make, model and year of manufacture of the vehicles with the appropriate model spring. This table paper laminated should be attached to store shelves near the springs. However, by making a sampling of stores, we realized that in some cases, the table was not found, or on the floor with her home town corner. So we solved that problem by using with a small bungee cord resilient, and a carnation in the table. In 1996, we added a 4th spring model to cover vans saw their popularity at the time. Publicize With this success, and the first shipments CTC asked, two months later, in February 1994, a meeting with journalist Robert Leblond Journal de Montreal. The meeting was held in Montreal. It was snowing and Mr. Leblond remained in Estrie. We installed the springs on his vehicle and he makes the attempt. Much to our surprise the following day to be woken at 6 am by a customer who asked us where to get them. The sensational article by Robert Leblond had already appeared in the Journal de Montreal with the title: La Patente to Koch. Canadian Tire stores had not yet received their goods from their warehouse. We then had to refer consumers at dealerships of cars and auto parts stores to supply. During the first 7 days, the calls succeeded to 5 minutes to 23 hours and every 15 minutes during the second week. We then mailed the springs to dealers and others to meet the demand.Make known the presence of the product on the market, a driver tries. During the first year of operation in 94, we were able to sell 28,000 pairs of springs. It was an incredible response when we think that 5000 copies provide a Best Seller. The following year we decided to make known the presence of the product through television advertising. We turn first commercial but considering the cost and risk, we have chosen to do a pilot test on a limited scale in a closed area in order to check the response based on the costs it represented, a kind of prototype TV advertising. The test was conducted in the Estrie region through CHLT TV7 Sherbrook. Most retailers who accepted our product were put to contribution in addition to CTC stores in the area. Two months later, in November 94, we conclude that this pilot was a success. However, CTC stores have quickly found out of stock. Their new replenishment orders from their Toronto warehouse took three weeks to go to the shops. Fortunately we had planned the coup and stocked smaller areas first details and able to resupply directly on their phone call, otherwise, our advertising would have gone up in smoke. Gas is opened slowly but surely. The extensive TV ad progressively throughout Quebec and the Maritimes, Ontario and Western Canada. CTC locomotive had finally started. The second year in 1995, sales increased to 64,000 pairs. We have intensified the following year 96 advertising and Alaska covered in small details of surfaces. Sales are then amounted to 205,000 pairs. Always expanding our Pub in 97 sales reached 326,000 pairs. Our banker then invited us to participate in the competition of the most successful companies in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the South Shore. That's when we won the price of the new best-performing company in the South Shore. Intensified Pub and the large ice 98. Ouch! While the machine was traveling at 98 in the process of funds occurs the ice storm of January 1998. Inventories came in industrial quantities, traveling at the pub funds then suddenly the ICE! A catastrophic drop in sales! Stocks to pay, Ad liabilities, revenues and profits in dramatic decline. Bankruptcy, no, no way! I reinvest the money earned to date by communicating and managing the crisis with my suppliers in cancelling advertising come, while clearly explaining the situation and distributing payments on accounts payable with agreement. By managing inflows from residual sales from laborious monthly budgets funds. Sales in 98 are 194,000 pairs but expenses are double with lower revenues. What a catastrophe! But should not let go and clinging. This is where you realize that advertising is like walking on a wire in the context where it is not a consumer product with a high frequency of purchase by the consumer. On the other hand, we must say that a company does not manage based on events that occur once every 100 years, but still, it leads to caution. End of PUB Following this disaster, we terminate the TV ad. Sales for subsequent years will vary around 100,000 pairs with a variance + or - depending on the rain and snow of the following seasons. We focus management on spending cuts and manage to make honest profits anyway. The American market of 230 million vehicles, 18 million Canada. We try a pierced the USA will contact various major retailers in the field of parts of cars. The answer is no success. If we read between the lines, these 4-6.000 chain stores are not interested in selling a product at $ 10, which requires an annual selection table in each of their retail stores. Too much trouble for so little. The end of the application table So tired of annually updating the selection table by visiting each new model of vehicles each year, publish it, print it and redistribute it tirelessly, I put myself to the search for a common denominator of 300 400 wiper arm models on the road from my database on their dimensions. Finally, I reinvented the spring with the changes required in 2005. In 2014, it is the scheduled end of the US Patent and shortly after Pat Can. New Patent Application I submit my application to my original patent agent to file a new patent application for universal jurisdiction. After review of the prototype, it concludes that there is no invention and all aspects are covered in the current patent. Unsatisfied with his answer I start looking for another opinion on the subject knowing that the difference is noticeable and that no similar product have been patented since my first invention of the spring. Especially since I always knew that improving an existing product could be patentable. By contacting another patent agent, it suggests to me that there are actually opportunities. In November 2012, I Canada file a new patent application and US through Daniel Paquette, president of the Inventorium long-time colleague and inventor. On February 18, 2014 our US patent is finally agreed for the new universal jurisdiction. Applications for industrial designs Can. and United-States have also been filed through Inventarium in view of additional protection in case the utility patents were not granted. The new marketing model of Universal We go with our main customer CTC to introduce this new product. This is conditionally accepted that we take over all the inventory in stores and warehouses with a $ 100,000 value. We refuse categorically. But we suggest they sell their inventory and they replace them with the new spring once passed. They told us that a new order for universal jurisdiction would be issued only in 1 year once everything is up. This was the case unfortunately. This affected our sales but to us avoid flow returns inventories which in our case would have been disabling. For 2013 year, things tend to return to normal despite we lost the tablet by reducing the space granted now that we have only one product instead of 4. Meanwhile, our attempts to conquer the American market were unsuccessful with key details chains in the US. As against our internet sales in the US and elsewhere in many countries might provide long-term demand and allow us the pierced we want.