Tribute to our inventors

Opener Hands-Free Screen Door

Since then until this day, I had to replaced the screen door for the 2nd time, like several of his clients since Pierre is a contractor in renovation, he wondered what he could possibly do in order to eliminate this problem once and for all. He wanted to find a solution that was simple, efficient and economical, he also knew the potential market was enormous. This idea was running through his head for some time until he says' stop to think about it and do it. " It is in 2013 that he was finally struck by what is commonly called in the jargon of the inventors, its a "flash of genius". A foot-shaped plate will be attached to the bottom of the sliding screen door that will open it easy, just with his toe. Several prototypes were then carried out to finally he reach the product that perfectly met it expectation, easy to install, safe and durable. This prototype was made from a molding kit purchased at a specialty store. After the success of its own stress tests and effectiveness in real situations, Pierre made the steps to protect his invention, through Inventorium, and then asked a few people around him also having a screen door to validate his idea. The result was very successful to the point that these people no longer wanted to give him his prototype, finding the product, not only practical and efficient, but also quite essential. His "Open Screen Door hands-free" as we know today, is now available to the public and the distribution begins to grow. Soon on sale at several merchants in Canada, the United States and who knows maybe even in different countries around the world. Thank you Peter for having had this fantastic idea that greatly facilitates the simple task to open a screen door with loaded arms.